Newtown, Connecticut USA 


As a consulting business, we are young.  

As marketing professionals, we have more than 20-years of branding, product innovation, marketing and regulatory experience.  

Specializing in the American Automotive Aftermarket, we cater to small and medium companies, providing "Fortune 500" style expertise and process discipline, without the full-time resource investment. 


Think of our insights as timeless. 

Looking for a little sweetness in a bowl of lemons?  Working with your Team, we'll help
   you take a fresh look at the challenges facing your business or industry and uncover
   strategic opportunities to exploit as competitive advantages. 

Sounds easy but it's not.  Sometimes you have to look outside your organization to create
   an unobstucted view of the field.  Drop us a line.  Perhaps we can provide a clearer vision...

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